“3 Top Mistakes Most Options Traders Make” ?
What leads the trader towards these mistakes
How to avoid these in your trading plan
Date: Sat, 07-Dec, 3-6PM
Fee: Rs. 999

We’ve all committed these mistakes but understanding what gets you there is a step towards FIXING IT.

There’s no shame in making mistakes. No shame in accepting that either. If you are a trader trading for yourself or someone working in a larger group, eventually you are answerable to yourself for your decisions.

Where there are decisions to make, there will be mistakes, no doubt about that. But are there some decisions that have really simple answers that save you from the common mistakes?

Every mistake avoided is one step towards helping that PNL stay in the GREEN.

In most sports matches between beginners and novices, the one who wins is usually the one who makes the fewer mistakes. At the top level, this is even truer. Apart from those sixers, avoiding the simple fielding/batting mistakes can make or break the game.

We’ve tried to understand our own option trading mistakes and listed the top three ones which we felt would make the most difference if avoided.

Date: 07-Dec 3-6 pm.
Fee: Rs. 999