Broken Options Strategy Repair – Webinar

Date: 14-Dec-2019 3-6pm
Fee: Rs. 2999/-

We’re excited about our next webinar on “Broken Strategy Repair”.

Short options positions profit with muted moves or no moves in the underlying. Large moves can cause havoc in the PNL for short options positions. However, the structure of options is such that even with large moves, adjustments can be made across the option chain that can minimize the negative PNL caused by the catastrophic move.

We’ve taken 5 such wild underlying moves and setup short options positions right before they happened. We then backtested several options repair strategies through these large moves.

Come learn how to survive large catastrophic moves using such options structure #adjustments.

Yesbank – 23-Jan-2019

First up is the move on #YesBank on 23-Jan-2019. Learn how to adjust a short #straddle that went horribly wrong with this move.

Titan – 08-Nov-2019

We then have a #Titan #Strangle that went crazy with the #gap down move on 08-Nov-2019. Learn what were the best methods to run #adjustments with such gap moves.

TataMotors – 27-Oct-2019

Third up is Naked #Call #Ratios on #TataMotors being challenged with the strong rally on 27-Oct-2019.

Infy – 22-Oct-2019

And the Naked #Put #Ratios on #INFY being challenged with the #Whistleblower issue with the #Gapdown on 22-Oct-2019.

NIFTY – 20-Sep-2019 – Nirmala Candle

And finally the #mother of all #challenges with the famous #Nirmala #Candle of 20-Sep-2019.

How would you trade if you had a short #straddle against this move?

Come learn!

In this “Broken Strategy Repair” Webinar we will discuss methods of adjusting short #options positions against these moves. We will analyze various options structure adjustments/repair with detailed 1 min intraday adjustments. All the source files and materials will be shared along with the full webinar video so you can also do your own analysis post the webinars as well.

Date: 14-Dec-2019 3-6pm
Fee: Rs. 2999/-

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